Unfeigned Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Rust

£47.50 £95

Who said over-shirts are just for winter?  Unfeigned have made this great short sleeve shirt in 100% linen. It can be worn by itself or as an over-shirt, you'll notice it has 2 patch pockets on the outside giving it a point of difference from any other stripe linen shirt this season.

How to wear

This one is nice and easy, you can pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe, or if your looking for versatility you can wear this open over a t-shirt, or pair with a pair of trousers and a pair of loafers for that casual smart summer look.

How It's Made

100% organic cotton - what this means is when using organically produced materials, farmers and the environment are protected

when manufacturing without harmful chemicals, factory employees are protected

when there are no damaging residues in the final product consumers are protected.

Unfeigned carry GOTS(global organic standard textile) certification which covers all stages from field to fashion making sure all of its garments meet the requirements. 

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