Thomas Clipper

Thomas Clipper Premium Men's Cologne 50ml - City

One of the three colognes in Thomas Clipper's acclaimed 'Unite' trilogy. The colognes are designed to be worn either individually or blended together throughout the day to create a fragrance unique to the wearer with an ever-changing allure.
City takes its inspiration from a classic London barbershop scent, reimagined for the modern day. Its slightly sweet, woody and lightly peppery aroma invites memories of hidden jazz clubs, secret bars, and classic barbershops. City is the peak of contemporary chic, use it to give an air of refined classiness, its subtle almost tobacco smoothness is ideal for both socialite and mysterious stranger alike. 
  • 100% organic alcohol, made in Britain, developed in Grasse.
  • Top notes: Cedar. 
  • Base notes: Tonka bean.



  • Product Code: TC03
  • Barcode: 4877434511


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