Rains Waterproof Jacket - Black

Rains is a Danish manufacturer of rainwear, that produces high quality products in a timeless and original design. Their philosophy is to make unique rainwear, which elegantly completes the existing wardrobe.
  • Material: 50% PU (polyurethane), 50% polyester 
  • A regular and casual fit
  • A unisex style
  • Functional stainless steel button fastening on the front
  • Two hidden front pockets with stainless steel buttons
  • Adjustable hood with a practical cap function
  • Two ventilated eyelets under each armpit to ensure ventilation and air circulation
  • Air circulation holes under the back shield to ensure ventilation
  • All inside seams has been melted with ultrasonic precision welding.


  • Product Code: 1201/02

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