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The gift set that whisky drinkers dream of.

This gift contains our ever-popular whisky stones, premium tumblers (specialist whisky glasses), coasters, a notebook and pencil.

This premium present will stay with a whisky lover for life. 

The whisky stones can be re-used indefinitely. Just put them in their bag and place them back in the freezer. 

The tumblers are the difference between a quick drink and a sophisticated tipple.

If they like a nice glass of whisky, they will love this thoughtful gift set.

They will love the specialist glasses, hand-crafted whisky stones and sophisticated notebook.

This gift set makes each sip an experience. Designed to last a lifetime.

It contains: 6 hand crafted whiskey stones (& storage pouch).

2 premium whiskey tumblers.

2 cork coasters.

Tasting notes notebook.


This gift set comes in a stylish tube-shaped box. It measures 20 x 10cm.

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