Laboratory Perfumes

Soy Wax 002 Fresh & Crisp Gorse Scented Room Candle

Laboratory Perfumes - Handmade in England Gorse Scented Boxed Candle

The Gorse scent is a  fresh, crisp fragrance that transports the wearer to sun-kissed heathlands along the coast. Opening with invigorating top note of citrus, and of course, the delightful coconut hit of the gorse flower, the scent is given a spicy depth by the suggestion of cardamom beneath.
“Gorse is an olfactory snapshot of a summer evening on seaside moorland covered in heather, and it's achieved with a mix of citrus and spicy notes.” – Daily Telegraph Fashion.
Size: 9 cm x 7.5 cm (200gms)
Ingredients: Dimethylcyclohex-3-ene-carbaldehyde (isomer unspecified),Citral,Coumarin,Beta-pinene
40 Hour Burn Time
Made in England
Beautifully boxed in a kraft paper box.

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