Kaweco Sport Mechanical Pencil - Brass 0.7mm Lead


Writing instruments of the series Kaweco Brass Sport develop a natural and unique patina during the use. Hereby every mechanical pencil becomes a unique item over time. The sturdy brass is complemented by fine silver elements, such as the logo cap. Because of the high weight, the writing instrument already presses slightly onto the paper by itself. This makes it possible for you to draw long and comfortable.

The mechanical pencil with a line width of 0.7 mm is perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. Due to the push mechanism, the refill never blunts and is therefore perfect for travelling, as you never have to re-sharpen it. The wide barrel protects the lead from cracking.


  • Material: brass
  • Octagonal barrel
  • Push button mechanism 
  • Accepts: 0.7mm lead
  • Supplied in a nostalgic Kaweco tin gift box

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