Burrows and Hare

Burrows and Hare- Soldier Mead Horn Mugs - Medium


This traditional "Game of Thrones"  polished ox horn soldiers mead mug or tankard is made by Abbeyhorn, the same craftsman that makes all the soldiers mead mugs and other horn products for Game of Thrones.

Horn is an ancient material used for making drinking vessels and these tankards are moulded from one piece of horn, then a wooden base is applied and the inside is sealed with a food safe resin to water proof.

These mugs measure 110 mm by 160 mm and hold approx. 3/4 pint. The mugs are sealed so that they are suitable for use with cool / warm liquids. Perfect for a cool beer on a sunny afternoon. Each mug is as original as the horn that it is made from.

While cattle horn can be nearly any colour, it is generally a light creamy colour, sometimes streaked with white, brown or black patches. After polishing the horn takes on a smooth glossy appearance and the colours appear much brighter.

Being handmade and from natural ox horn each tankard is unique, making it an unusual present or gift particularly for those who enjoy medieval history or the Game of Thrones fan.

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