Thomas Clipper

Thomas Clipper Premium Men's Cologne 50ml - Country

One of the three colognes in Thomas Clipper's acclaimed 'Unite' trilogy. The colognes are designed to be worn either individually or blended together throughout the day to create a fragrance unique to the wearer with an ever-changing allure.
Country takes its inspiration from the deep and woody heartland of the British countryside. Its deep and complex aroma reminds us of the warm inviting scent of wooden beams you might find in a country cottage. Country is ideal for a bit of warmth on a cold day, enticing mystique for an evening occasion, or perfect as a winter/autumn fragrance. 
  • 100% organic alcohol, made in Britain, developed in Grasse.
  • Top notes: Vetiver, Saffron. 
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Ginger, Black pepper. 


  • Product Code: TC02
  • Barcode: 4031153718

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